All of Philly Plus...

All of Philly Plus...

We deliver and service Philly and all other cities within the Pennsylvania, New Jersey & Delaware. .

Rock Wall Rentals as low as $599

an imageAre you looking for a portable rock climbing wall rental in Pennsylvania, Delaware, or New Jersey? You've found Philly Climbing Wall - your source for a safe and fun rock wall rentals. Our mountain climb wall is the king of mountain climb walls! Philly Rockwalls has the most innovative climbing structure that allows childern and adults of all ages to have a fun and safe climbing experience. It feels like a real rock climb, even though its a rock climb wall. Philly Rock Wall is one of the top portable rock climbing companies on the East Coast. If you're looking for a mountain climb wall rental, you have found the right rental facility. Fun is our buisiness- we provide smiles and adventures to ALL our customers with our outdoor mobile wall. Always make sure your rock climbing rental is fully insured and inspected- ours is.

We are involved in many different event formats and have found a proven and successful way to provide this great attraction without a high cost.

About Our Portable Climbing Walls We have several rock climbing walls with configurations to suit your specific event needs. Our most common mobile climbing walls are 24 feet high with real rock texture. They are great for a large age range and accommodate multiple climbers for side by side competition and large volume events. Three, four and five person climbing walls are available. All climbing walls are equipped with color coded hand and foot holds to incorporate different challenges and interactive games. The 3-person CLIMB N DANGLEĀ® was the first ever mobile rock climbing wall to be introduced to the commercial market. Several updates have been since its inception, but it still continues to be popular because of its light weight, economical price, and the best Auto-Belay system on the market.